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​Real Madrid has no possible to change the goalkeeper

Asked by fifa17coins on 05/19/2017 at 2:22 AM

Although Chelsea won two straight ahead of the Premier League title, but the team did not relax, because there is a championship waiting for them to get, will compete with Arsenal FA Cup. For coach Conti, this season is perfect, the season can achieve such a result, buy fifa coins enough to prove his ability. However, taking into account the rapid changes in the transfer market this summer, Chelsea coach Conti must take precautions, which players to be cleaned, which players to be left, to introduce what players must be prepared in advance.

British media "Daily Telegraph" news that Chelsea coach Conti will try to leave the Kurutua, I hope the club to pay him, signed a new contract. This season, Kurutu played extremely eye-catching, 35 games in the Premier League only lost 27 goals, of which 16 zero-sealed opponents, is the number of zero-time goalkeeper, cheap fifa coins is expected to get this season's gold gloves. Recently, the period of crazy, if Real Madrid can not sign the Manchester United demon Degea, Kurutuwa will become their goal, as an important part of the Chelsea defense, coach Kong Di naturally reluctant to watch Belgium Goalkeeper was Real Madrid dug, he hoped that the club immediately have action, renewal to retain Kurutu.

It is reported that the contract between Coulthwa and Chelsea in the summer of 2019 expires, weekly £ 100,000. According to the fleet of the street, after the renewal of the Kurutu will get a weekly salary of 150,000 pounds in the contract, in the Premiership goalkeeper position, the salary after the Manchester United god Degeya, if the Spaniards left the old Trafford, then the new contract will ensure that Kurtuwa became the highest salary goalkeeper in the Premier League. Of course, the British media "Daily Telegraph" pointed out that the Cuban tile contract and Azar can not be compared, the latter weekly salary of up to 300,000 pounds.


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