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Saltalamacchia Hopes To Hear From Red Sox - RealGM Wiretap

Jarrod Saltalamacchia is a free agent and wasn't issued a qualifying offer by the Boston Red Sox prior to Monday night's deadline.

"Obviously a lot of teams have already called puma fierce core hombre ," Saltalamacchia said. "They called the day the World Series ended. It's really flattering and it makes me realize other teams do appreciate what I've done. Now on the other side, it would feel good if the Red Sox ... we really haven't had any conversation with them. It would be nice to have them call and appreciate that as well and show their appreciation by saying, 'This is what we're willing to do. We're willing to go to this, that and the other thing.' We really haven't had discussions, but they may call and do that, so maybe I'm premature in saying this. But that's part of the process and you have to keep an open mind and the same time you have to be humbled enough to realize you're taking good criticism with the bad criticism and let it play out.

"I'm a little surprised with not more conversation going on just because I thought we had a common idea of where we wanted to be. I put so much time and effort into the team and into the organization and they've done the same for me. But like I said, I may be premature and they might call out of nowhere, or might have already called and I just don't know yet."

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