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​After retiring the csgo professional players will choose what to do(part 2)

Asked by fifa17coins on 04/20/2017 at 4:18 AM

Jake "Stewie2k" Yip from Cloud9

Some of the young players rely on family help to manage their assets, like the Marcelo David (Coldzera), 22, from the Brazilian SK team, 19-year-old Jake (Stewie2k) from the North American team Cloud 9 by his father to help manage his income and Savings. Cloud 9 recently recruited 20-year-old Timothy Ta (autimatic) is accumulating his college tuition.

Facts have proved that e-sports is not only growing popularity, kostenlose cs go Giveaway but also is growing into a huge industry. According to a report, the number of visitors worldwide will increase from 21.1 million in 2016 to 300 million in 2019. Another report noted that the global gaming industry revenue in 2016 was $ 427 million.

This means that retired players can continue to join the field of e-sports, team management, coaching, innovation or operation and the implementation of various activities and so on.

Many of the top CS: GO players are more inclined to continue to join the e-sports, cs go Messer Giveaway whether it is to help e-sports in the global growth, or enter the mainstream club to work together or even set up their own club.

Fitz Clan's 21-year-old player Rain and Heroic's 27-year-old player Andreas Fridh (MODDII) are very interested in improving the status of e-sports.

Nikola "NiKo" Kovac from Faze Clan

Rain's new teammate Nikola Kovac (NiKo), only 20 years old, from Bosnia and Herzegovina (interesting thing is: Niko up to $ 500,000 transfer fee in the history of the most powerful, more than the previous record of 230%), The Niko wants to manage a clan in the future or set up a clan himself. Building a team and helping the team win is very attractive to him. "It's going to be very exciting," he says, "it's an unspeakable feeling that has the best team in the world and really inspiring." Timothy Ta (autimatic), a 20-year-old member of the North American team's Cloud 9, is planning to continue his career. Although as a talented player, he will certainly have a good career in the future, but he gave his 3-year period to complete their own dream. After that, he will go back to college to get a degree in computer science. He hopes to return to e-sports by entering a company that participates in the e-sports revolution, for example, the Twitch.

Timothy "autimatic" Ta from Cloud9

For others, the future path is not so clear. Heroic's team's Snappi's financial condition is good and he may consider joining the education career. Andreas (MODDII) is a trained qualified truck driver. So he wants to be an ambulance driver to help the disabled. In any case, they have already considered the fierce competition in the e-sports industry.

Brazil's e-sports are still in its infancy, and Marcelo David (coldzera) says he wants to set up a local team or become a coach to train qualified players. He pointed out that not many sponsors are willing to bear the cost of e-sports team travel, he hoped that this situation will change in the future.

With the growing e-sports, we can see that some stars are looking for opportunities to help e-sports to expand their influence, but also for their own future in the field of e-sports to find a way out. As with other long-standing traditional movements, this is the only way to develop e-sports.


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