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Hot Nike Zoom Air LeBron 14 Basketball Shoes Sale

Asked by sh460121 on 01/24/2017 at 8:45 AM

If you are New Air Jordan Shoes fans, very lucky, you enjoy the era of Nike Basketball's best technology. After 14 years of change and change, James's shoes, like Witness's slogan, witnessed the luxury basketball shoes technology, and Nike in this series which the continuous efforts. From the initial cortical vamp to Foamposite, Flywire and Hyperfuse until Hyperposite and various composite materials. Only from the upper, we can see Nike in this series of variables, as well as the spirit of that challenge. LeBron 14 has a bionic flavor throughout the outsole and improves the bulge of the previous two-generation hexagon Zoom Air unit. This is the first pair of hexagonal Zoom Air flat flat inlay in the end of the LeBron boots, no doubt, it can give the wearer a more smooth and smooth transition. The grip, the mosaic-style outer lines, but a little usability. Although there are a small number of mini-box is raised, can play a grip effect. But if the field environment, I am afraid that a down will hurt more than half, can not help but miss the universal herringbone pattern.

New Jordans 2016, all kinds of technology for the pile, LeBron 14 gives a cocoon of students, the feeling of transformation and succulence. Appearance is not luxurious, technology is not too much to show off, everything is targeted, practical simplicity. Tie-down design In the generation of re-regression, the functional upper system, a larger hexagonal Zoom Air unit, LeBron 14 on the pitch feeling like? Let us find the answer in actual combat. From the early days of the adidas Top Ten 2000 to later TS Supernatural Creator, are using such a regional distribution in the end design. Of course, I think this has nothing to do with the plagiarism, no matter when, the distribution of human foot force, and shape are basically the same. We can be seen as the natural development of the natural pattern. Why, when the hexagonal Zoom Air unit becomes smaller, larger, but it can give shoes to bring a more overall foot feeling? Since this form, has crossed the time and brand dimensions, has been repeatedly confirmed the classic shoes for many years. Well, it must be a trustworthy form. On the cushioning, LeBron 14 is undoubtedly the best of this natural force system, the same as cat's paw pads. LeBron 14 is clearly the most perfect, most flexible. From the wearing experience, LeBron 14 in the actual experience is still very worthy of recognition. Of course, the premise is that your feet can be smoothly into the shoes. This design, although for the foot wide Asians, some not friendly enough, but this special upper material if the tolerance and then add some, it will affect the package and fit the degree. Therefore, it is recommended friends try to buy after. And cushioning, as well as the performance of the whole in the end, are worthy of recognition of innovation. If you like this natural partition of the plantar design, that coupled with the light body. Actual combat is good.
Jordans 2017, This is by far the most sacrificing of the LeBron series in terms of supportability. One on the foot, it felt even contrary to James is on behalf of the signature shoe-like light, the price is simplifying the upper system. It looks much simpler than Soldier 10. LeBron is on behalf of the last use of the Velcro or 5 generations, and it appears to be no doubt to reinforce the vamp signal. Single-chip external TPU support, only the most in need of protection. In contrast today's protagonist LeBron 14, but did not give us the surprise of the past, there are some back to nature feeling. This neoprene and mesh integration of the upper material, in the previous generation of products is the main material of secondary products, like Soldier 10 and Lebron 13 Low, are using this vamp material. It has a certain degree of stretch and ventilation, the biggest feature is the light. However, the new series is on behalf of the adoption of such vamps technology, had some loss. In addition, the foot is high, and the feet of the people, be sure to try on their own to buy, or easy to wear into the shoes collar, or to the foot caused by oppression. Evaluation, the author and several colleagues in turn wearing, most people are the most difficult response to this entry shoes, not one. And I feel this pair of shoes compared with Soldier 10, or slightly more tight. The upper foot, fit and comfort are good. After all, this is a new type of material such a major feature. Although my feet are not wide, but wearing a long time, such as I recently tried to LeBron 14 as commuter shoes, it will feel the pain of the feet are oppressed.


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