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Asked by xinxiu24 on 12/11/2016 at 11:09 PM

Wrestlemania 25 Wrap up! The 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania was one of the better Wrestlemanias we have had in the last few years. I can honestly say I came away after I seen it with a smile on my face and feeling like I got my moneys worth. Lets go through the wrestle mania match by match.. The sad part was Miz and Morrison v The Colons for the Unified Tag Title was not on the main show. Not only was it not on the main show but it was not streamed live on wwe?s website before the PPV. The Colons defeated the best tag team in wrestling to become the unified tag champs in a match you can only see on the Wrestlemania DVD. Match 1: Money In The Bank Ladder Match featuring: Christian Mark Lowe Tigers Jersey , Finlay, Mark Henry Lance Parrish Tigers Jersey , Kane, CM Punk Kirk Gibson Tigers Jersey , Shelton Benjamin and MVP This was a great opener and was a fairly decent match. CM Punk walked underneath every ladder on his entrance. Would he be unlucky? The match started out like a brawl as one would expect with various people brawling it out with one another. Some of the most memorable spots in this match were the amazing Shelton Benjamin diving senton from the 20 foot ladder in the entrance aisle. Before this though we seen a suicide dive fron Finlay and double suicide dives from Kofi Kingston and CM Punk to the outside on the big group. One of the funnier spots was when Hornswoggle got under the ring and brought out a stepladder which looked exactly like the real ladders. Mark Henry was on top of the turnbuckle after Finlay knocked him down onto it and Horny proceeded to do a tadpole splash off of Henrys back using the stepladder onto the group on the outside. After the outside the ring chaos settled down we seen quite a few good spots on the inside. Shelton Benjamin ladder walking from one ladder to another set up ladder which was horizontal on the ropes and propped into the other ladder creating a platform. From the platform he hopped on the other ladder and saved the match from ending by CM Punk. CM Punk got the upper hand when Christian came in to make the save. They were battling on the platform ladder and Punk went for a Go To Sleep and Christian reversed and did a botched Impaler off the platform onto the mat. Looked bad but stuff happens. Kofi?s two big spots were when he was being teamed up on with a ladder he hopped over the ladder as they charged him with it and delivered a dropkick and the BO BO BO combination using the ladder as a weapon. He also then climbed a ladder while it was standing straight and NOT unfolded to climb up while Mark Henry held it. Kofi got within grasp and mark whipped the ladder out and caught him then proceeded to give the Worlds Strongest Slam through the ladder. The end sequence of the match seen CM Punk get his foot hooked in the ladder and falling back so he couldn?t reach. Kane took the upper hand and almost had it until Punk regained his composure and delivered several kicks to the chest and head of Kane until he finally pushed him off with his foot and grabbed the briefcase. Winner: CM Punk for the 2nd year in a row! Match Rating: 710. Not the best MITB but it delivered and was a good opener. Match 2: Divas Battle Royal The amount of divas is too many to name but the returning women were Victoria, Molly Holly Justin Verlander Tigers Jersey , Sunny, and Jackie Gayda. NO TRISH STRATUS? Sadly.. Now moving on.. Before this match we go the medley from Kid Rock which wasn?t as bad as I thought it would be. For the record Layla was the first diva eliminated while Lilian was announcing. The match was what is to be expected from a Diva?s battle royal. Beth Phoenix seemed to dominate and Santino who was wearing a bad wig and dress just walked around aimlessly not throwing a punch or anything. It came down to Beth Phoenix and Melina at the end with Santino still in there. While Beth and Melina were battling by the ropes Santino came over and eliminated them both to become the first Ms. Wrestlemania. In the post match interview he said he was Santina the twin of Santino. All around disappointing match but at least Santino made me chuckle.. Winner: Santino.. Err.. Santina Marella Match Rating: 310. Were you expecting a masterpiece? Match 3: Roddy Piper Justin Upton Tigers Jersey , Ricky Steamboat, and Snuka wRic Flair v Chris Jericho Well to begin with Mickey Rourke was in the audience and they made sure it was known on the program. The legends looked out of shape besides Steamboat of course. Roddy Piper looked drunk and started off the match and backed up what I just said by the way he was performing. The only memorable spot from Piper was doing a flying cross body on Jericho that took them both over the rope but Piper tried to hang on and really did a poor job. He tagged in Snuka then who went to work on Jericho for a little then Steamboat came in and worked on him as well. Steamboat did an amazing job flying off the top rope. Snuka comes back in and Jericho quickly dispenses of him with the walls of Jericho. He then pushes steamboat to the ground and begins his assault on Piper. Jericho hit?s the running enzuguri on Piper and picks up the pinfall. As he is getting back up Steamboat awaits from the top rope and delivers a flying cross body and gets the near fall. The next few minutes showed why Steamboat should still be wrestling as he hung with Jericho wonderfully. Until Jericho hit?s the code breaker and picks up the win over the legends. He then proceeds to code breaker flair and get on the mic and trash talk Mickey Rourke until Mick gets in the ring with Jericho. They exchange some sparring punches with one another and Mickey lands a left hook that ?knocks Jericho out? to a good pop and him and Flair celebrate as Jericho scampers to the back. Winner: Chris Jericho Jose Iglesias Tigers Jersey , but gets knocked out by Mickey Rourke(who


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