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The Nike Kobe 10 Elite HTM That Was Made Exclusively For Kobe

Asked by fonseca on 12/11/2016 at 3:53 AM

Check this out! We recently came across a Nike Kobe 10 Elite that you don’t see every day. This version of the Nike Kobe 10 Elite happens to be of the HTM type. As some of may or may not know, HTM stands for Hiroshi, Tinker and Mark. Those three sneaker giants got together to design this version of the Nike Kobe 10 . The shoe initially made its debut in Milan earlier this year, and now it has managed to make its way to the states when a PE collector was able to get his hands on it. Said to be fairly similar to the Shark Jaw colorway we’ve seen in the past, this version opts to go with purple hits instead of blue. Another notable feature on the shoe is the HTM branding found on the heel of the Kobe 10. As with all Nike HTM models, the odds of any of us getting this pair is slim to none (unless you got the big bucks). So if you’re diggin’ this look, the best we could do for you is provide you with this Kobe shoes of the highly coveted Nike Kobe 10 Elite HTM.


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