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Kobe Bryant Unveils Kobe 12 A.D. Nike Sneaker Online

Asked by sh460121 on 12/11/2016 at 2:25 AM

New Air Jordan Shoes For a retired player continuation signature shoe series, which in the field of SNEAKER is not common. In addition to a unique basketball god, even Pippen and "Penny" Nike exploits veteran, but also in the signature shoe break or even retired for many years been Sportswear "gift" then a few pairs away from the stadium "cultural shoes. This summer, Kobe Bryant officially bid farewell to his athlete status, but his shoes and his Mamba spirit, on the pitch by more young players. However, in the Nike Kobe 12 signature shoes, Kobe AD after the sale, this shoe has been no small criticism, in addition to too fantasy release activities, fans also think Kobe AD in the design is too moderation, it is more like A pair of Hyperdunk Low combat such a family, rather than the past Kobe series is full of aggressive and murderous style. Even the relatively approachable price, but also by some sensitive fans as Nike for Kobe series of attention to the degree of decline. Today, we put the two well-known works under the controversial to get the stadium, a look at its actual combat basketball shoes based on the accomplishments.

And most of the previous Kobe series of Air Jordans 2016, Kobe A.D. also used a low to help structure. But even Bryant I said shoes inspired by the design of the car, we generally feel Kobe A.D. Kobe series lacks the sense of speed in the past, large shoes down more like a quiet and comfortable lengthened car. Relative scarcity of product details from the other hand, it looks somewhat too much combat. In many cases, the number of shock absorption technology and performance can not be directly and equal sign, or the same technology in different shoes on the structure and other reasons, the effect will often be no small difference. In shock technology, Kobe A.D. Lunarlon foam with a combination of followed by Zoom Air, and last year's Kobe 11 Elite exactly the same, but in actual combat, Kobe A.D. because the increase in the thickness of midsole, the foot feeling to be soft. Plus the heel Zoom Air unit, resulting in Kobe A.D. in shock absorption performance has a very good performance. Ridicule that, perhaps this change is taking into account the Bryant I retired after the increasingly sturdy body bar.
New Jordans 2016, From the appearance, the relatively simple design and heel Department to a large exaggerated to some exaggerated reinforcement design, so I once felt Kobe A.D. support performance will be extremely tough, but in fact it is only support the most unsatisfactory. First of all, the Engineered Mesh engineering mesh upper is less than the strength of Flyknit, in addition to the heel lock is still excellent, other locations of the upper can only be said to be stable in general. In addition, Kobe AD of the shoe body somewhat oversized, especially in the Kobe series to compare the contours of the past thin, widened within the cage can make Kobe AD more people to meet the wearing needs, but even with the Dynamic Flywire Auxiliary, tighten the shoelace Kobe AD for the foot control is still difficult to say excellent. Relatively loose, soft foot feeling, no doubt the comfort of Kobe A.D. Whether it is today's horizontal comparison of various types of basketball shoes, or vertical and Kobe series predecessors compared to, in fact, have a good standard. And its light is also in this test left us a deep impression, specific to the numbers, Jordan Extra.Fly is now regarded as lightweight shoes in the extreme elements.
Now in Jordans 2017, the former palm lines and Kobe 10 somewhat similar, in a relatively clean space can be achieved within the movement of the effect. Followed by parts of the lines is reminiscent of the Zoom Kobe 6. In a pair of new shoes will be full of Bryant plot of the classic lines used in the outsole, perhaps in the protection of grip effect, but also became Kobe A.D. one of the few interesting details. Kobe A.D. toe in the password, the designer gave birth to the theme of rebirth and evolution. On the product, Kobe A.D. really difficult to achieve in the new one can match the level of rhetoric, but from a practical point of view, at least it is still on the market today is the most suitable for playing one of the low to help the shoes. At least it's cheaper than at least it's Kobe's "Mamba DNA".


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