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How to relief heartburn with foods

Asked by cctv on 12/04/2016 at 8:56 PM

You just have some spicy foods, and you feel completely uncomfortable after that, you may have a heartburn then. It’s a very comment suffer when your acid backs up. The symptoms of heartburn is a burning pain in your chest, and will feel more painful if you lie down quickly. This is kind of situation is very easy to handle, because this heartburn is caused by foods and they are not chronic heartburn. You can follow our article and find the way to cure this heartburn quickly. If this situation usually happen, the best advice is to see a doctor. Or you can follow my experience.

Ginger Tea – A Method Cure Multiple Digesting Issues

Ginger Tea cure a lot of digesting issues especially for elder. Just buy some ginger of get some from the kitchen, then cut a little root and throw it into boiling water. The same method to make any other tea! Ginger tea is effective way on how to cure heartburn or acid reflux.

Bananas Is a Smart Way to Relief Heartburn

A good banana is helpful to cure heartburn. This naturally acid-anti fruit is very useful to relief your heartburn after spicy eating. According to Albert, Mullin, E, a digestive health expert, Banana is a good food that prevent the irritated esophageal lining and will help reduce suffer of heartburn. Banana forms a protective film that coat.

Having Almond Milk Is a Great Method to Balance Your Daily Acid Reflux

Almond milk is very good choice for breakfast, they are not just delicious and healthy, also a good method to prevent digestive issues. Why not blend some almond to your milk and get better from acid reflux or heartburn. Almond is a good food that balance your daily acid reflux.

Oatmeal Is Effective Foods to Relief Heartburn

Oatmeal has large amount of healthy fiber which will help to clean your stomach and help you digesting. Sit and have a bowl of oatmeal every morning, and you will have a energetic day without digesting problem. Oatmeal will not just protect your stomach by coat and buffer your stomach lining, but also provide large amount of energy.

Mustard is helpful to creeping out your heartburn

Mustard is not delicious as the previous foods but they are effective to heartburn cure, if you don’t hate to blend some mustard with your foods it worth a try. Mustard is full of minerals and it is alkalizing food. Your acid will be balanced since mustard is alkaline. In addition, it will make you creeping out redundant acid from your stomach.

Yoghurt Helps to Relief Your Heartburn As Well

Yoghurt is calcium rich food and will relief your heartburn as well as improve digestion. You can mix your yoghurt with sugar, and drink 3 cups each day. Yoghurt is not just helpful to heartburn, but also good for you daily nutrition.

Fennel is a good herb to freshen your breath and relief heartburn

Simply place two spoons of fennel seeds, mix with sugar, both throw into the boiling water. This plant is another useful foods that help you relief your heartburn. Also, chewing fennel seeds everyday will not just help you relief your heartburn, but also freshen your breath.

Calm Your Heartburn with Chamomile

Chamomile is herbal medicine that popular to heartburn treatment. Not just in America, herbal medicine is very seriously taken, but Chamomile has been popular option to cure heartburn over century. It contains many compounds that ease spasms. Prepare one spoon amount chamomile and drop it into a cup of boiling water, cover the steep for 10 minutes. Drink 3 cups a day, keep heartburn away. Remember, drink at least two week and take break of one week will be better.


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