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picking floor brand

Asked by wangkiky on 11/17/2016 at 12:04 AM

Trademark registration to a certain extent, it stands for the brand of the love and attention to the quality of the products, and advised consumers to see its brand register card above all when picking floor brand, if the brand is abroad should be a trademark registration certificate.High Quality Composite Floor

See packaging alert 3 without the product when floor of wood of aggrandizement of choose and buy, consumer product packaging should be producer name and address, telephone number and product standards. If sales staff said imported products, the packaging should be text, and indicate the factory name of foreign manufacturer home, the site of factory and phone.White Vinyl Fence

If there is no is 3 without the product, do not buy blindly. Factories more reliable than stick a card in brand of 6000 many floors, about 5000 many brands does not have its own production factory, the product sticking a card that is processing. In the market initial stage, every industry can have numerous stick a card to entrust treatment product, but with the intensification of market competition, and mature,Pvc Fence Prices does not have its own production factory brand will gradually become obsolete.