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If you've Cable Wire participated in building

Asked by yuada on 08/14/2016 at 8:19 PM

If you've Cable Wire participated in building a new home, office, church or pretty much any other type of building in the past five years you have probably noticed that one of the staples is networking cable, or Cat 5 cable. Even if a resident doesn't plan to use a network in their home, this is an easy, cheap way to "future-proof" any building.

Cat 5, commonly known as networking cable, is basically just the wire that makes it easy to network multiple computers or ensure that all of the computers in your home can access the internet. Wifi may be more convenient initially, but the speed is never as fast as good old-fashioned wires and it introduces a whole host of security issues (imagine your next door neighbor intercepting your credit card number while you're making an online purchase).

Cat 5 is so common that it is available now in bulk spools of 1000'. This sounds like a lot, but consider that even if you have a small house you will be running through and around walls and around Electric Wire corners.

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