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scalp hair follicles for small hair follicles

Asked by bobotoms on 07/19/2016 at 2:59 AM

Cauda equina tie method steps graphic steps 1: first the hair Shun, good care, hair partition, part Hair Barrette, hold, afterbrain spoon's hair to stay, ready for editing. Step 2: the head of the hair on the left side of the left, and then divided into equal three beams, into the most simple three strands of braid, at the end of the hair, with a rubber fixed to live. Step 3: then the head of the hair down, with the hand temporarily fixed.

Step 4: then use a rubber fixed tail can be fixed, as shown in figure. Step 5: then good. From above the winding masson. Step 6: circle braids winding, then hair hidden in the end under the tail, and then fixed by a black clip. Step 7: after the fixed effect diagram, elegant temperament of the tail has been completed oh. Step 8: the last is wearing a love hair, hair band with Master figure, parents can also try oh.

Fluorine can be effective in the treatment of female hair loss glueless lace wigs

According to the study, women with hair loss problems may be expected to find a new therapeutic drug. After 1 years of treatment, the evlexin has been proven to be effective. This medicine is used for the treatment of androgen alopecia, due to the gradual change of the normal size of the androgen scalp hair follicles for small hair follicles.