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Recycled Scuba Fabric polyester is not recyclable

Asked by Plasticlids on 07/14/2016 at 8:49 PM

However, recycled [url=]Scuba Fabric[/url] polyester is not recyclable, unless the chemical recycling process is used.

There are few manufacturers, e.g Victor Innovatex, who make synthetic fabrics (without the use of antimony!) that are recycled and are recyclable (closed loop = the fiber never loses its value) too.

While polypropylene is often used for large RV's, class A motor homes and trailer tents polyester is a solid cover fabric for cars, motorcycles, scooters and outdoor patio furniture.

High quality, lightweight and water resistant polyester is a commercial grade fabric material that can withstand most common climate hazards including strong wind, driving rain and intense UV sunlight.

But let's look at the glass as half full and appreciate the fact that by buying organic fabrics we vote for healthy farmers, fair wages, clean water, fresh air, sweatshop-free production and a lot more.

There will be always certain trade offs when choosing one fabric over another regardless of whether it's synthetic or organic.

A great material for an outdoor vehicle cover is polyester.

On the other, recycled polyester is a good try to "save" the used plastic bottles (at least for a while) from the landfills, while looking for an affordable way to manufacture synthetic fibers that are recycled and recyclable.

Polyester [url=]Ponte De Roma[/url] covers are lightweight and easy to fold up and store so you can take these covers along on a day trip, weekend stay or extended motorcycle tour.