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Effect of alloying elements on steel heat treatment

Asked by wangkiky on 06/21/2016 at 1:51 AM

1, austenitizing impact - most of the alloying elements (nickel, cobalt exception) have slowed the process of austenite. Therefore, when the heat treatment is required higher than carbon steel heating temperature and longer holding time. - Carbide should not decompose.[url=]hot sale galvanized steel pipe[/url]

2. Effect of austenite grain size - most of the alloying elements hinder austenite grain growth role. However, manganese and boron, on the contrary, can promote the austenite grain growth, so in addition to manganese, the alloy is not easy to overheat when heated. This helps to obtain a fine martensite after quenching; also conducive to an appropriate increase in the heating temperature, dissolved in austenite more alloying elements increase the hardenability and improve the mechanical properties of the steel.[url=]stainless steel coil manufacturer China[/url]

3, alloying elements on the transformation of austenite impact - in addition to cobalt, all alloying elements are so C curve to the right, reduce the critical cooling rate of the steel improve the steel hardenability. Some alloying elements have the shape of the curve C is changed. In addition, most of the alloying elements also allow Ms point depressants.[url=]3 Stainless Steel Pipe for Sale[/url]