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missing file g7i0ol_kaz.exe

Asked by RogerLee42 on 08/05/2012 at 3:13 PM

I recently ran a Spybot Search & Destroy clean-up, and on the next system boot, I received a message that the file g7i0ol_kaz.exe was missing. The name in the blue title area at the top of the message window is RunDLL.

I created a small file in the location of the missing file, but the message just changed from missing to not valid. It said it was not valid for a Win32 program.

If I close the message window and continue, the system feels no particular effect. All seems to run normally without the file, but I like to get rid of the popup window at boot time.

My search for a downloadable file from Microsoft provided no help. The file could not be found. I did find some information in a Forum search, but it was in German so I couldn't read it. I did some translation of some of the wording, but it was more problem explanation than solution, so was no help to me.

Does anyone know how I can reload the missing file so the program that is looking for it can run? Or can the program that needs the missing file be identified and deleted if it's not needed?




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