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Cannot install SP2 for Office 32 bit KB2687455, failed 45 times since 12/31/13

Asked by WLMMac1 on 02/27/2014 at 4:35 PM

MY PC with Win 7 64 bit, 8 gb & 1T hd - trying to install KB2687455 (SP 2 for MS Office 32 bit {verified 32 bit} fails, ran "repair from "Uninstall or Change Program for both Word 2010 (ran OK) and Outlook 2010 which failed today.

MS has tried auto update 44x since 12/31/13, have not been paying close attention due to other issues.  Ran manual update from MS site today, 6XX MB download, install failed with no indication or message as to problem.

What gives?


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