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Kindly solve and Explain this Question the Scenario of the Question is Given Below......?

Asked on 01/12/2014 at 1:16 AM
Federal Urdu University has 3 Campuses offering the BS, MS, and Phd programs. you are the recently appointed database administrator for UNIVERSITY that has three campuses in the country, you work in the Islamabad campus, but there is also a Gulshan campus and Abdul haq campus located in Karachi. your roll is to design a DISTRIBUTED DATABASE for the university. now, you are going to work with three different database. Login information for these three database instance is as follows: {THERE ARE TWO CITIES(i.e ISLAMABAD & KARACHI) AND THREE CAMPUSES(ISLAMABAD, GULSHAN, & ABDUL HAQ)} ABDUL HAQ: UserID: AHaq_user Password: Haq123 Host String: Haq123 Gulshan: UserID: Gulshan_user Password: Gulshan123 Host String: Gulshan123 Islamabad: UserID: Islamabad_user Password: Islamabad123 Host String: Islamabad123 Follow these Steps in order to implement a DISTRIBUTED ENVIRONMENT: STEP-1: Setting up your Distributed Database Environment. STEP-2: Testing your all Database links. STEP-3: Connecting Data in the Islamabad Database. STEP-4: Connecting Data in the Abdul Haq Database. STEP-5: Connecting Data in the Gulshan Database. STEP-6: Connecting Data in all the Three Database.


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