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Hosting a brand new Tekkit Classic server, and I'm looking for a team.?

Asked on 01/06/2014 at 4:52 PM
I have decided to host a brand new Tekkit Classic server, unlike any other before. I have starting money and the server is in very Alpha stage, still getting plugins added and files configured. However, I cannot host the server in my mind with only myself and the host I use. I need people with experience. People like you. If you are not "skilled" or experienced in this type of matter do not respond, I need good people. People who help will receive a high rank and possibly a percentage of donation money if you continue to work with me. (That is, if you are good enough to get the server donations. So basically, that's what we should go for.) Some of the people I will need are.. -Somebody good with Enjin, experienced. -Someone good with buycraft (possibly) -Anybody who knows much about general server errors or issues. (experienced in troubleshooting) -Somebody good with plugins, either have used them often or know a lot about them. (also know about serverside.) -If you've owned a "popular" server in the past or have worked a lot as a staff member also respond, we always need people like you. -And finally someone responsible, someone who's good at being a general staff member. (A good Head-Admin) So if you'd like to help the server please contact me, and we can either skype or talk via email. Please note I will have to get to know you a bit, maybe test your knowledge or skills a little. But that's understandable because I do need people that are actually right for the job. If I think your good, your in but if your not fit for the job your getting kicked to the curb. Hope to hear from you soon.. -TechCo Classic (Please note this server will be owned by me and all final decisions will be made by me. But I do need your help so remember that. And I'm always open to suggestion :-]. Together we shall make the Tekkit Classic server that people deserve. Ill be waiting.)


  • Posted by hyper98076 on 02/22/2014 at 3:40 PM
    I have been playing tekkit classic for over a year,I have known different commands,I know a lot of plugins,i am also friendly and know what to do if someone griefs,etc...but im not good with buycraft.Plez consider my answer.Thx!
  • Posted by XxDrPorkchopxX on 03/07/2014 at 11:06 PM
    i have been staff on like 16 server co-owner on 3 i think i could help out