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CTRL scroll zoom on Mavericks gone

Asked by kba on 12/05/2013 at 11:26 PM

I used to be able to hold down CTRL and zoom by scrolling the mousewheel, but that is not longer possible on Mavericks.

I've searched around and found many people saying it's in System Preferences → Accessibility, typically accompanied by an image like this:

Scroll gesture to zoom in Accesibility

Unfortunately, that's not how my Accessibility window looks. All I get is this (and no, it's not under More Options):No scroll gesture to zoom in Accesibility

Naturally, I tried searching in System Preferences, too:

Zoom search in System Preferences

Excitedly, I click Mouse, just to get disappointed:

Mouse window in System Preferences

There's nothing under Trackpad, either:

Trackpad window in System Preferences

So what's wrong? Where did it go? Why does it show up on some Mavericks installations, but not mine? I have the newest version of Maverick (10.9, 13A603) made from a clean installation. Can it be because other people have upgraded from a previous version of OS X that had the feature?

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